Why to use Safety Razor ?

Why to use Safety Razor ?

A Safety Razor was your only option for an at-home shave but with entry of disposable razors by brands, we lost confidence in how to use a safety razor. Now we are coming back to safety razors, realising they are the best razors for the environment, wallet and for our skin.

However, the benefits of using a safety razor are too many, it’s not complicated and it’s definitely not as scary as you think!

Safety razor vs disposable

For men and women, wherever on their body they are shaving, the secret of an at-home close shave is a safety razor. This brings you the benefits of a single sharp blade, with the safety and security of a frame and razor head. Razor manufacturers may have convinced you that multiple blades, cased in plastic, with in-built lubrication strips, on disposable handles are best but Truth is it is not !

But the real  truth is that each blade simply adds to the risk of irritation. 

Why Safety Razor ?

1. Avoid razor burns

Razor burn is caused by skin irritation while shaving . There are a couple of ways to avoid it , one of which is shaving in the same direction as hair growth, rather than against it, is the easiest solution.

A safety razor  helps you prevent razor burn. Disposable razors we tend to use for multiple shaves as to get longer outcome for costly cartridges . This causes blade to loose sharpness over long use and casing skin irritation. The sharper and cleaner the blade is, the better it is for your skin. 

Check out our YouTube Video on how to change blades . It’s super simple and will ensure you always have a sharp blade. Our razor Jawan Razor Commando is designed with magnetic blade change making blade change and washing simplest ever !

2. Save cash

You must be knowing how much does a Cartridge blades cost ! ones offered by Gillett not cost less then ₹120 /- per blade ! 

We decided to do the maths for you and discovered that, when using our Safety Razor,  you can save 

Lets say you shave 3 times in week , which is 12 shave in month

Gillette Cartridge = 125/- (max 6 shaves) 

Monthly Cartridge cost = ₹125 x 2 Cartridges = ₹250/-

Yearly cost = ₹250 x 12 = ₹3000/- 

If you use safety blade one each shave ,

Safety Blade cost = 3 /- (1-2 shaves)

Monthly cost = ₹3 x 12 shaves = ₹36/-

Yearly cost = ₹36 x 12 = ₹432 /-

Your savings with safety Razor = ₹3000 - ₹432 = ₹2568 /-

Can you believe ! 

3. It’s kinder to the environment

Biggest worry is  the materials they are made of ! Disposable razors are usually made of many different components which makes them very hard to recycle. The handle is often made up of plastic, and more often than not it contains rubber for easier and better grip. The head with metal blades embedded in a plastic cavity is hardest to segregate and recycling machinery aren't well equipped to dislodge metal from plastic, so the majority end up in landfills or contaminating our water systems.

We do not realise this damage we cause with our daily chores to environment ,but there is one solution a Safety razor !

4. Reduce acne

Acne-suffering men will know that managing facial hair when you have acne can be difficult. The trick is to keep your pores unclogged. Multiple blade disposable razor heads are a bacteria breeding ground. They are difficult to properly clean and you then transfer that bacteria into your pores each time you shave.

A safety razor is much easier to keep  clean, you can wash Commando razor with easy magnetic mechanism to wash more frequently .


5. Seriously close shaves

Safety razors are the best to shape the cut as its best alternative to straight razor for closest shave. 

What’s more, you’ll get a more even shave. The added weight of a metal razor handle, over a plastic one, ensures it is comfortable to get good control over the shave.

6. Blade choice

Ever wondered why disposable razor cartridges are so complex and each brand has its different cartridge ? It’s with the cartridges that the brands make their recurring money. They need you to keep coming back to get replacements which only fit their handle. 

With a safety razor, you can choose where to get your own blades and which make to choose. 

Engineered Razor for Long lasting safety blades 

Jawan Commando Self Sharpening Razor


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