How To Make Your MACH 3 Shaving Blades Last Longer

How To Make Your MACH 3 Shaving Blades Last Longer

Enhance life of MACH3 Cartridge Blades 

Disposable shaving blades are convenient, but they are considerably more prices then safety Razor Blades  and it makes sense to find  of ways to make each shave and blade last longer. Even just using one blade per month instead of two puts money in your pocket. For example, an four-cartridge set of Gillette MACH 3 blades costs around ₹130 per Cartridge and Jawan Razors Compatible blades however is much lower as low as ₹ 72.25 per cartridge . It may not seem like much now, but if you add up cost on monthly shaving . Here are a few tips on making your shaving blades last longer to help you get the best from your razor over time and get a few more shaves from each cartridge.
MACH3 Blades


Prepare your face before a smooth shave

When you want to make your shaving blades last longer, first place a hot towel over your face to loosen and soften your beard. This weakens the resistance your whiskers will have against the blades. Second, use a quality shave cream and apply it with a brush. You’ll actually use less shaving cream, and the brush works in the cream to further prepare your beard for the blades. OK, so you’ll have to lay out some cash for the brush when you first build your complete shaving set, but you’ll be saving money in the long run with a better shave and less money spent on blades.

Rinse the razor and blades while you shave

It's important to rinse the excess cream and stubble from the blades more often than you usually do. Rinse under hot water to reheat the blades, and turn them over under the water to clean the back side of the cartridge as well. Hot blades slice through hairs faster, and rinsing the back side of the razor means more stubble and cream can pass through the cartridge on your next pass.

Clean and dry the blades

Just rinsing out the blades with hot water is not enough to make your shaving blades last longer. Sure, they're clean, but the excess water will cause oxidation on the blades, which will slowly break down the molecular content of the metal, which dulls the edges. You can dry the blades with a quick blot of a clean towel and then rinse them in a cup of alcohol, which purges the remaining moisture, sterilizes the blades and then evaporates quickly. You can also use a blow dryer for a moment or two and dry the blades immediately after rinsing with hot water.

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