How to beat Inflation in 2023 ? Why not start with Shaving ! Save on MACH 3 blades

Inflation has been top of mind over this year, looming over every aspect of the spending. Inflation actually impacted the prices of everyday goods like bread and butter or gas and Shaving Products. This has affected purchasing power of customers for everyday aspect .

How can I save on Shaving ?
Inflation has caused the cost of many goods to increase significantly compared to last year especially Gillette Shaving blades and razors . There has been rise of 25% cost of blade heating pocket of everyday user major reason being high dependence on imports for shaving products in India . Solution is manufacturing it in India to reduce cost & we Jawan Razors manufacturing it in India !  

How much can I save ?
We believe in transferring cost advantage to our customer by offering most preferred MACH 3 blades and Razor at 45%  discount then prominent brands . 

Why to shift to Jawan Razors from well known brand ?

Yes there is usual apprehension to move from well known brand to new brand but at same time it time to explore new offerings by Indian company.  Factors you can consider ,


What Jawan Blade comes with ?

  • Metal Blade Connector 
  • Fits all MACH 3 Blades 
  • Double Lubrication Strip
  • Elastic Induction Strip
  • Synthetic Artificial Diamond Coating





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